Monday, 19 November 2012

Attaching Vellum to Projects

Here at Photo Continental we welcome many brave brides who have decided to make their own wedding invitation. Without fail, vellum is one of the most popular materials to make gorgeous invites. But how to attach it to cardstock without the adhesive showing through?

The easiest and most popular way is to use an adhesive that is made specially for vellum, like Mystick vellum adhesive tape. It's thin and clear enough to not show through, but is tacky enough to keep the vellum in place.

Credit: Handmade by Meda

You can also attach vellum by punching a hole, then poking a brad, or threading some ribbon through it.

Credit: LCI Paper

My personal favorite way to attach vellum is to stitch it on. This gives a delightfully handmade look to the invite, and would work well for a rustic theme. If, like me, threading a sewing machine gives you a headache, try using our Sew Easy stitch piercer and beautiful coordinating twine. This tool makes it easy to create neat perforations in your paper, so you can add stitching to any project.

Credit: Paper Crafter's Library

A cute idea is to use mini staples. If you can't find the color that you're after, why not try this ingenious little trick and color them in yourself using a paint pen?

Credit: Twig & Thistle

So have fun incorporating vellum into your projects!


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